I ran across a good blog post from Dr. Junig on his blog Suboxone Talk Zone posing a very good question, "Can Suboxone be abused?"  In short, there is a very low potential that Suboxone can be abused by somebody with an opiate addiction because they are already tolerant to opiates.  Suboxone does not produce a "high" in opiate tolerant people. Since Suboxone has a ceiling effect, meaning that increasing the dose does not increase the effect past a certain point, they can't take more in order to overcome the tolerance (unlike typical opiates).   However, opiate addicts do sometimes overtake Suboxone because of their mindset that more=better, but any percieved benefit is just a placebo effect.  People who are not opiate tolerant can get high off Suboxone, and in many countries (like Sweden), this is quite a popular method of drug abuse.  That is one reason Suboxone should only be taken as prescribed by an experienced physician. 


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