Director's Message

Welcome to Al Rashid Hospital Center for Psychiatry and Addiction website.

Congratulations on taking the first step to reclaiming your life or that of your loved ones from the abyss of addiction or mental health issues.

We trust that our website will provide you with helpful and comprehensive information about our hospital, and assist you in becoming better acquainted with our specialized programs and services.

At Al Rashid Hospital Center, our expert medical and hospital staff work relentlessly to provide personal care for each and every one of our patients that is compassionate and respectful of them and their families, safeguarding their privacy at all times. As an institution, we function first and foremost to offer hope and healing, and our commitment to continuing this tradition of service for any member of the local, regional and international communities we serve is steadfast.

Thank you for visiting our website. We wish you or your loved ones an exceptionally speedy recovery.

Mr. Rif'at Al Masri

General Manager