Drug & Alcohol Addiction

We believe that overcoming addiction on your own can be a very difficult milestone due to various factors embedded within the addicts psych, which is exactly why you should seek assistance on your journey to a safe recovery.

Addiction is a complex condition with multiple factors playing at hand. First, the addict himself: understanding his internal and psychological conflicts. Then we take into consideration the substance, and its impact and risks. Finally, we take a close observation at the environment where the addict lives, including family, friends, work, etc.

To ensure the success of our treatment plan, we provide a 360 treatment model, where we walk hand-in-hand with the addict to recognize, understand and heal all the factors which lead to addiction, while ensuring confidentiality.

Our center provides integrated treatment that starts first with a physiological, psychological, social assessment, and accordingly a unique therapy plan is set in place. First we focus on safe withdrawal, then we implement a rehabilitation program which includes cognitive, behavioral and analytical therapy (individual and group); headed by a team of psychologists, and includes a music therapist and a religious advisor.

Moreover, a scientifically based rehabilitation program is offered, and extends further to include daily occupational therapy, sports activity, out-door individual or group activities, and the ability to provide short courses in various disciplines at specific centers.

Our center aims to achieve the following:

• Safe withdrawal
• Physical health safety
• Reconciliation with oneself
• Balance & well-being
• Sustain positive motivation
• Ability to cope and deal with cravings
• Improve emotional intelligence
• Balanced family, social and professional relationships