• Al Rashid Hospital Amman, Jordan
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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist those affected by mental illness and substance addiction across the MENA region and to build awareness regarding on mental health issues and substance abuse.

Our Vision

To become a global pioneer in mental health and addiction rehabilitation.

Our Values

  • Continuity of Care: To ensure the continuity of optimal health care for our patients; a treatment plan is set by assessing their needs constantly.
  • Comprehensive Care: Provide comprehensive care for patients such as psychological, medical, social, and spiritual and rehabilitation aspects.
  • Involvement of the family: Family plays a key role in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients who suffer from mental illness, through involving them in the formulation and implementation of treatment plan and prevent patients’ relapse.
  • Privacy: Handling patients and their families with complete privacy, through maintaining the confidentiality of information during medical examination and treatment periods.
  • Compassion and kindness: Best caring is practiced by our staff when dealing with patients.