Radiology Department

Radiology Department

We offer a variety of services in the Radiology Department, in the presence of a specialist radiology doctor, trained radiologists and technicians to provide the best-in-line service and care for the patients. Our Radiology Department offers the below:

• Digital X-Ray:
The patient is photographed with radial images with a high resolution digital device and contrast for all bones and joints.

• CT scan (Revolution ACT):

Imaging of all class, colored and three-dimensional images of various body parts, as well as veins, arteries, bones, joints and spine.

• Ultra Sound:
All three dimensional TV images of the abdomen, pelvis, thyroid, and images of all the arteries, veins (Doppler US).

MRI (GE MRI 1.5 Tesla):
a high-magneto-magnetic magnetized resonance device provides high-quality images. All organs and parts of the body, such as the spine, head, abdomen, pelvis, bones of joints, veins, arteries and three-dimensional, are photographed.