Music Therapy Program

Al Rashid Hospital Center is the first psychiatric and addiction centre in the Middle East to launch a Music therapy program.
Music therapy is a form of healing that uses music to provide care to patients. While this differs from the physical therapy routine or prescription medicine, it should not be considered a form of alternative medicine. Clinical studies can attest to the health benefits of the therapy system music institutes medical. The beauty of music therapy is that it helps people in a way that physical, mental, emotional and social way.

Music Therapy can be broadly described as the use of Music in a therapeutic context in order to help improve mental health. Music Therapy does not simply imply the playing of music to patients, relaxing though this may be, in fact it does involve more active involvement of the patient, so as to use the power of music in order to help improve the mental health of patients and in order to treat mental health conditions. We review the evidence for the effect of Music Therapy on Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Sleep Disorders, and Dementia. Encouraging singing appears to be a good adjunct to treating all of these conditions, and it also seems to help the bond between mothers and children within families. Music appears to be beneficial to both the individual, and also to the improvement of social cohesion.

M. Huls: Saxion University Professor in music therapy in mental health care and C. Werger: University of the Arts Head of Department are professors in music therapy from Netherlands, They held a presentation for the medical staff at Al Rashid hospital on the importance of music therapy in rehabilitation.