Residency at Al Rashid Hospital Center

Al Rashid Hospital center offers a training program for psychiatrists to specialize, and also become certified by the Jordanian Board of Psychiatry. This scheme is approved by the Jordan Medical Council and the Arab Board of psychiatrists.

At Al Rashid Hospital Center, eight trainees of Jordanian and other Arab nationalities are enrolled in this training program (residents in psychiatry). Residents sit for annual exams, and move on to the next level if they successfully pass these exams. After completing four successful years, the resident will be eligible as a psychiatry resident.

Medical Students Training

Medical students from Jordan University are provided with supervised training at Al Rashid Hospital, where they assess patients under supervision.

Nursing Students Training

Postgraduate, as well as undergraduate nurses from various Jordanian universities are trained at the hospital. Psychologists from private Jordanian Universities also undergo bulk of their training at the hospital.