Why Choose Al Rashid


Al Rashid hospital center is the leading psychiatric and rehabilitation center in the MENA region, which offers both in-patient and out-patient recovery programs at affordable prices.


Whether you are an out-patient or an in-patient, our mental health and addiction psychiatric and counselling services cover a multitude of focal points for sustainable recovery.


Al Rashid in-patient program offers around the clock doctor and nursing staff with daily meeting with your consultant psychiatrist and appointed psychologist.


We offer activities twice a day on a daily basis, led by psychologists and occupational therapists in order to support the patient’s progress from a social and mental point. Patients activities often stress on the importance of team work, expressing emotions, dealing with people, positive coping mechanisms and more.


Health is an important part of your recovery program. That is why we appoint a nutritionist to work with you, and provide personal and group exercise training at our gym. We offer other therapeutic programs such as swimming classes, music therapy and group therapy sessions with a consultant psychologist and sociologist.


As an out-patient, you can meet with our consultant psychiatrist and psychologists to assist you through your journey. We offer you the time you need during your sessions, in full-confidentiality, to express your thoughts and emotions while we walk you through the healing process.